Stylish geek clothes and other geek stuff for your enjoyment. We enjoy well-designed things with a sense of style, humor, and a brain, so that's what we strive to create.

Our designs

Color Tree

A bold and colourful graphic of a tree, part diagram and part emblem. Referencing the symbol of the tree of life, and any tree with its unique beauty, this strong design has been kept to a small and distinct scale to make for very wearable clothing and unique products.

Color-Tree graphic t-shirt Color-Tree graphic bag Color-Tree graphic fleece track jacket Color-Tree graphic hat Color-Tree graphic design poster Color-Tree Graphic Apron Color-Tree canvas print Color-Tree graphic mug Color-Tree graphic iPad Mini case Color-Tree graphic mouse-pad Mouse Pads


A graphic illustration of a bird entangled with a serpent in geometric playfulness, makes for a striking t-shirt graphic. Hemisphere borrows from the ancient with a modern mood.

Hemisphere graphic t-shirt Hemisphere graphic tote bag Hemisphere graphic fleece track jacket Hemisphere graphic hat Hemisphere graphic illustration poster Hemisphere graphic apron Hemisphere canvas print Hemisphere graphic mug Hemisphere graphic iPad Mini case Hemisphere graphic mouse-pad mousepads

Seed Cubic

Abstract geometric graphic-design and illustration with a broken-apart cube and hints of plant life. The perfect crisp art for t-shirts as geek gifts, or as a bold but elegant style statement.

Seed-Cubic graphic t-shirt Seed-Cubic graphic tote bag Seed-Cubic women's racerback t-shirt Seed-Cubic graphic hat Seed-Cubic graphic design poster Seed-Cubic graphic apron Seed-Cubic canvas print Seed-Cubic graphic mug Seed-Cubic graphic iPad Mini case Seed-Cubic graphic mouse-pad Mousepad

The Ecosloth Story

Ecosloth started off as a shared rant about the sorry state of clothing and lifestyle products aimed at geeks, over several rounds of beer. We were in an eclectic group of friends consisting of programmers, web-designers, artists and journeyman marketers. By the end of the night, an illustrator and a programmer were the last ones standing and had decided there was something in the idea of a classy brand of lifestyle products for smart people, so here we are.

Over futher conversations in coffee shops and on park benches, we found a shared dream of starting such an enterprise, something that makes real stuff to be used and enjoyed by real people with a taste for well-designed things. Wanting to start now rather than delaying it, we decided to concentrate on the design and the brand and let experienced people deal with production, though we have more hands-on plans as we grow.

Ecosloth is a personal dream, one we hope provides many with the same enjoyment it does us in building it.

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